Low External Input Sustainable Agriculture

Biodiversity builds resilience

Erratic rainfall patterns coupled with monocropping systems have made farming unreliable and highly risky, especially in rainfed regions. Simple practices like water conservation can make a huge difference in preparing farmers to cope with these climate aberrations. Enhancing biodiversity on the farm is a proven solution for improving livelihoods, environment and reducing risks. Farming is […]

Local knowledge, local solutions – Adapting to climate change

The innovations by farmers to adapt to climate change conditions are an evolution of local knowledge.  This knowledge is also relevant and useful to farmers within and outside the area in which the innovations take place. Identifying, harvesting and organising this growing body of knowledge will be of great benefit to farmers in building their […]

Farmers Diary: Sustainable dairy farming with local breeds

Mr. Mani Kottekkad is a progressive dairy farmer from Kottekkad village of Palakkad district in Kerala. Till 2012, he was doing dairying with crossbred cattle. Spiralling costs of maintenance, especially the cattle feed, motivated him to change his production system. Lower production and maintenance cost of local breeds and increasing demand for milk of local […]

Developing climate resilient farming

Small farmers in Bundelkhand are adopting agricultural systems that cope with climate change, with support from Development Alternatives. The initiatives undertaken at the farm level and landscape level, are being upscaled building long term sustainability of climate resilient agriculture systems in Bundelkhand. Agriculture has a high degree of sensitivity to both short-term weather changes and […]

Redesigning farming – A response to climate change

By transforming and reorienting agricultural systems, innovative farmers are able to build resilience in farming and ensure food security, in a changing climate situation. Scaling up such grass root level innovations is necessary which require appropriate institutional and policy support. Baskaran is one of the leading organic farmers from Thenampadugai village, near Kumbakonam in Tamil […]

Mud crab farming – An adaptation strategy

The coastal villages of Odisha are vulnerable to natural disasters occurring due to climate change. The livelihoods of the local people, particularly those working in the agriculture and allied sectors, are severely affected. The villagers in the coast line of Rajnagar block of Kendrapada district of Odisha with the guidance of DHARA and IGSSS are […]

People’s knowledge – Key for adaptation

Farmers perception on climate change and their knowledge and experience on adaptation in mountain ecosystems, has enabled them to cope with extreme weather and environmental change over centuries. Integration of people’s perceptions and indigenous knowledge with available scientific knowledge about climate change could be one way of building our capacity in addressing the issue of […]

Crop planning – A tool for climate resilient food system

Crop production is highly location specific and depends on a number of factors like climate, natural resources, access to inputs, knowledge etc. Farm level crop planning goes a long way in building climate resilient food systems. By planning their crop production, farmers in Maharashtra are able to reap a good harvest meeting their food and […]

Farmer innovations – Sustainable solutions to fight climate change

Farmers in the hilly terrains of Kerala have been innovating, adopting and adapting practices and processes to address the impacts of climate change. Engaging such innovative farmers is key in developing sustainable solutions. The hilly terrains of Kerala are characterised by undulating topography with half of the area being covered by government reserve forest. Most […]

Building climate resilience

In distressed situations of drought and floods, tribal farmers of southern Bundelkhand region illustrated that System of Crop Intensification, an agro ecological method, helps build climate resilience. The socio-technical approach based on building upon the traditional knowledge and innovative capacities of farmers, proved to be effective in building climate resilient cropping systems. The Bundelkhand region […]