Low External Input Sustainable Agriculture

December 2017 – Millet farming systems – Last date 25th Oct 2017

Millets are crops that can grow in hardy conditions and are highly nutritious.  They can grow in poor soils.  They have the capacity to tolerate higher heat conditions. They do not need irrigation, need less water, therefore can be grown in low rainfall conditions. All these qualities make them an ideal choice under the changing […]

Sept 2017 – Livestock in agroecological systems – Call closed

The role of livestock in rural life needs no special mention. Besides milk, eggs, meat and wool, they provide manure for crops and in turn depend on crops for their feed. Both agriculture and livestock have sustained over years owing to mutual interdependence. With intensification and commodification, there is however, a growing divide between agriculture and […]

Closed – June 2017 – Climate-resilient food systems – last date 30th April 2017

Climate change is real and the impacts are already upon us. Family farmers and peasants, through virtue of their intimate relationship with the natural environment, are amongst the first ones to feel the impacts. They are also on the frontline when it comes to taking actions, to safeguard their way of life and mitigate climate […]