Low External Input Sustainable Agriculture

Farmers Views

I am regular follower of LEISA INDIA. I have agriculture lands and LEISA “Livestock for sustainable livelihoods” issue helped me to use and understand agriculture practices, dairy and sheep raring etc. Recently I visited Veerakempannas Sheep farm and I learnt many things, I am fan of Narayana Reddys Coloum. I am sharing LEISA with my friends, relatives and farmers too.

Mr. Suresh Agriculturist, SS Group Karnataka

NGOs Views

Congratulations to Leisa India team! Excellent coverage of topics covering issues related to agriculture and sustainable development.

Arun Dolke, (May 5, 2011)

Media Views

Abstracts of articles are translated to local language and used for broadcast as "Farm News".

K .Gunashekhara, Deputy Director, All India Radio, Bangalore.

Academic’s Views

LEISA is a very informative for my work area specially in small holding farming system

Dr. Narayan Singh, 16.June.2014