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Agroecology-Measurable and sustainable – Sept 2016 – Issue 18.3


There is an increasing recognition that sustainable resource management and sustainable livelihoods are inseparable. If neglected, everyone’s future is  threatened.

While exotic, expensive alternatives for every problem faced by the world, keeps emerging, also, there is increasing attention to what seems to be working in pockets. Not necessarily operating on desired scale, in some contexts, these bright spots are living examples of how the farming  knowledge of the communities based on agroecological  principles needs to be understood.

While farmer’s distress stories are shocking everyone’s conscience, first time  celebrations like  International Year of Family Farming, emerging health consciousness among consumers, is putting farmers production practices in the focus for right reasons. Also, the mainstream international agencies are voicing that agroecological approaches are the way forward.

While the purpose of agroecological  approaches are  based on meeting diverse household needs needs of the farmer, sustainably and in a dignified way,  they still remain complex from research perspective.  There is a need to understand the ‘indicators’  with a wider lens, a different sensitivity, and diverse perspectives.

The issue highlights some  experiences highlighting processes rooted in promoting agroecological perspectives, practices and knowledge co-creation.


Farm to systems – Where is our measuring tape?
Anshuman Das

How peasants read their farm
Jan Douwe van der Ploeg

Knowledge exchange on agroecology – Does it influence practice?
T M Radha

Interview: Clara Nicholls – “Impact studies are crucial for the amplification of agroecology”
Diana Quiroz

Agroecology – Conserving biodiversity, nurturing ecology
Kulaswami Jagannath Jena

Creating a sustainable food future – Indicators of sustainable agriculture: a scoping analysis
Katie Reytar, Craig Hanson and Norbert Henninger

Farmers Diary

Building knowledge on agroecology – Impact of systematic documentation
K V S Prasad

New Books


How to amplify agroecology
Janneke Bruil and Jessica Milgroom