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Family Farming: A way of life – Dec 2013 – Issue 15.4

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Out of the 2.5 billion people in poor countries living directly from the food and agriculture sector, 1.5 billion people live in smallholder households, of which many are extremely poor, according to FAO. Smallholders, practicing agro-ecological approaches promote sustainable farming systems, using mainly family labour for production and using part of the produce for family consumption.

Improving smallholder agricultural livelihoods is essential for achieving large scale poverty reduction and growth. Small holder farmers when supported with right incentives and opportunities, respond and innovate to produce more, sustainably.This issue of LEISA India includes experiences that show how sustainable smallholders can be really productive.

Editorial: Family farming – a way of live

Ten qualities of family farming

Jan Douwe van der Ploeg

Integrated Farming: An approach to boost up family farming

Anshuman Das


P. Kamalasanan Pillai



R Manikandan , R Abarna Thooyavathy , Subhashini Sridhar , K. Vijayalakshmi



Robert V. Bishop



T J James



Eve Crowley



Prakash Singh , Girish C.S. Negi



G. Chandra Sekhar , G. Rajasekhar , Dr. G.V. Ramanjaneyulu , Zakir Hussain








José Antonio Osaba , Laura Lorenzo