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Routledge Handbook of Gender and Agriculture

Carolyn E. Sachs, Leif Jensen, Paige Castellanos, Kathleen Sexsmith, 2020, Routledge, 486 p., £152.00, ISBN 9780367190019

Gender relations in agriculture are shifting in most regions of the world with changes in the structure of agriculture, the organization of production, international restructuring of value chains, climate change, the global pandemic, and national and multinational policy changes.

This book provides a cutting-edge assessment of the field of gender and agriculture, with contributions from both leading scholars and up-and-coming academics as well as policy makers and practitioners.

The handbook has an international focus with contributions examining issues at both the global and local levels with contributors from across the world.

With contributions from leading academics, policymakers, and practitioners, and with a global outlook, the Routledge Handbook of Gender and Agriculture is an essential reference volume for scholars, students, and practitioners interested in gender and agriculture.