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Eco Agri Revolution: Practical lessons and the way ahead

H. Mehta, 2018, NIPA296 p., INR 2995.00, ISBN: 9789386546197

The Sustainable Development Goals endorsed by the United Nations, put great emphasis on moving away from heavy input agricultural system to more eco-friendly and balanced farming. Eco Agriculture or Agro Ecology is the approach capable of producing enough food and accessible food without harming the environment.

This book is about moving from ‘Know How’ to ‘Do How’ and brings about rich experience in industrial research and farm scale demonstrations in different parts of the world to show the practical aspects of Eco Agriculture. Theory and practice and recent developments in the areas of Bio Fertilizers, Bio Pesticides, and Bio Composts and agrowaste management form important base for Eco Agriculture practices. The global scenario of industrial development and future trends are discussed.

Developments and field experiences in Bio shield, Water use efficiencies, ICT, Rehabilitation post disasters like Earth Quake and Tsunami, Saline Water Agriculture and River Revival Projects, Urban agriculture and their common link for Eco Agriculture Revolution makes the book especially significant. Finally, the Author describes the ‘Way Ahead’ for Eco Agri Revolution including aspects of Soil and Waters and COP 22. The conviction about the coming Eco Agri Revolution and planning and implementation for a sustainable future are the final thoughts that makes this book extremely valuable to the current and future generations.