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Mainstreaming agrobiodiversity in sustainable food systems

Scientific foundations for an agrobiodiversity index

Bioversity International, 2017, Bioversity International Rome (Italy), 180 p.ISBN: 978-92-9255-070-7


The first comprehensive scientific analysis of how agrobiodiversity can make our vulnerable food system more resilient, sustainable and nutritious has been carried out by leading agrobiodiversity research centre Bioversity International. The 200-page guide provides solid evidence that investments in agrobiodiversity also play a critical yet overlooked role in tackling wider global targets such as reducing poverty and malnutrition, reversing environmental degradation and combatting climate change. It demonstrates that agrobiodiversity can be a more mainstream approach to sustainable development.

This book summarizes the most recent evidence on how to use agrobiodiversity to provide nutritious foods through harnessing natural processes. The book focuses on the following thematic areas: – Agricultural biodiversity and food system sustainability – Food biodiversity for healthy, diverse diets – Using biodiversity to provide multiple services in sustainable food systems – Seed systems for crop and tree diversity in sustainable food systems – Conserving agricultural biodiversity for use in sustainable food systems – Towards an Agrobiodiversity Index for sustainable food systems.