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Indigenous People and Mobile Technologies

 Laurel Evelyn Dyson,Stephen Grant,Max Hendriks, 2018, Routledge

326 p., Paperback-£31.99, ISBN 9780815386537

In the rich tradition of mobile communication studies and new media, this volume examines how mobile technologies are being embraced by Indigenous people all over the worldAs mobile phones have revolutionised society both in developed and developing countries, so Indigenous people are using mobile devices to bring their communities into the twenty-first century.

The explosion of mobile devices and applications in Indigenous communities addresses issues of isolation and building an environment for the learning and sharing of knowledge, providing support for cultural and language revitalisation, and offering the means for social and economic renewal. This book explores how mobile technologies are overcoming disadvantage and the tyrannies of distance, allowing benefits to flow directly to Indigenous people and bringing wide-ranging changes to their lives.

Mobile Media in the Asia-Pacific – Gender and The Art of Being Mobile

 Larissa Hjorth, 2011, Routledge, 320 p.,Paperback- £30.39

ISBN 9780415690119

This century has been marked by the rapid and divergent uptake of mobile telephony throughout the world. The mobile phone has become a poignant symbol for postmodernity and the attendant modes of global mobility and immobility. Most notably, the icon of the mobile phone is most palpable in the Asia-Pacific in which a diversity of innovation and consumer practices – reflecting gender and locality – can be found. Through the lens of gendered mobile media, Mobile Media in the Asia Pacific provides insight into this phenomenon by focusing on case studies in Japan, South Korea, China and Australia.

Utilising ethnographic research conducted in the Asia-Pacific over a six-year period, this book investigates the relationship between gender, technology and various forms of mobility and immobility in the region. This book outlines the emerging modes of gender performativity that makes the Asia-Pacific region so distinct to other regions globally.

Mobile Media in the Asia Pacific is a fascinating read for students and scholars interested in new media and gender in the Asia-Pacific region.


Emerging agricultural technologies: Consumer perceptions around emerging Agtech

AgriFutures Australia, 2018,Publication No. 18/048, Project No. PRJ-011141, ISBN 978-1-76053-013-6

Emerging technologies have already proven be a key driver in the future sustainability and profitability of Australian agriculture. With the sector likely to continue to increase its reliance on new technologies over the short to medium term, it is important to understand what the likely implications from consumers will be, and whether there is a role for industry and others to proactively engage with consumers in this space. Specifically, the report contributes to better understanding the substantial impact that consumer perceptions can have on the adoption of agricultural technology throughout the value and supply chain, especially as it relates to the top ten transformative technologies in agriculture.

This report has been produced under AgriFutures Australia’s National Rural Issues Program. It is an addition to AgriFutures’ diverse range of over 2000 research publications and it forms part of our National Challenges and Opportunities arena, which aims to identify and nurture research and innovation opportunities that are synergistic across rural sectors.