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Processing of Fruits and Vegetables – From Farm to Fork

Khursheed Alam Khan, Megh R. Goyal, Abhimannyu A Kalne, 2019, Apple Academic Press, 324 p., ISBN 9781771887083

This volume looks at new and established processing technologies for fruits and vegetables, taking into consideration the physical and biochemical properties of fruits and vegetables and their products, the challenges of the processing industry, the effect of processing on nutritional content, economic utilization of bio-wastes and by-products, and much more.

Divided into several sections, the volume covers:

  • processing and antioxidant/enzyme profiles of fruits and vegetables
  • novel processing technologies in fruits and vegetables
  • the challenges and solutions in waste reduction, negative effects of processing, and effects of processing on vitamins of fruits and vegetables


Home Gardens for Improved Food Security and Livelihoods

D. Hashini Galhena Dissanayake,Karimbhai M. Maredia, 2020, Routledge, 238 p., ISBN 9781138202139

Home Gardens for Improved Food Security and Livelihoods demonstrates how home gardens hold particular significance for resource-poor and marginalized communities in developing countries, and how they offer a versatile strategy toward building local and more resilient food systems.

This book shows that when implemented properly, home gardens can become just such an innovative solution, as well as an integral part of sustainable food security programs. It provides a conceptual overview of social, economic, environmental and nutritional issues related to home gardening in diverse contexts, including gender issues and biodiversity conservation, and presents case studies from Africa, Asia and Latin America highlighting home gardening experiences and initiatives. The volume concludes with a synthesis of key lessons learned and ways forward for further enhancing home gardens for sustainable food security and development.

This book will be a useful read for students and scholars working on local food systems, food security, sustainable development and more broadly development strategy.

Urban Allotment Gardens in Europe

Simon Bell,Runrid Fox-Kämper,Nazila Keshavarz,Mary Benson,Silvio Caputo,Susan Noori,Annette Voigt, 2018, Routledge, 384 p., ISBN 9781138588967

Although urban allotment gardening dates back to the nineteenth century, it has recently undergone a renaissance of interest and popularity. This book presents a comprehensive, research-based overview of the various features, benefits and values associated with urban allotment gardening in Europe.

The book is based on a European COST Action project, which brings together researchers and practitioners from all over Europe for the first detailed exploration of the subject on a continent-wide scale. It assesses the policy, planning and design aspects, as well as the social and ecological benefits of urban allotment gardening.

The book provides a multidisciplinary perspective, including insights from horticulture and soil science, ecology, sociology, urban geography, landscape, planning and design. The themes are underpinned by case studies from a number of European countries which supply a wide range of examples to illustrate different key issues.