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The Priorities of Indian Agriculture & Allied Rural Development For 2020-21-22.

Pradeep Chavan, July 2019, Format: Kindle Edition

Agriculture and rural development are inseparable. The country has to strike a precise balance between the induction of the latest technology and at the same time generating employment opportunities by promoting labour intensive organic agriculture & agribusiness. The emphasis has to be on sustainable development all through out.

The study questions the common trend of looking for solutions from other developing countries and emphasizes the need for our own analysis. The monograph proposes the immediate interventions in a strip of sixteen ‘pills’ when
administered, within the next three years will hasten the qualitative, quantitative and sustainable development of Indian Agriculture and Rural Bharat. The study also puts together all the beads like organic agriculture, conservation of soil organic carbon and judicious use of resources such as fertilisers & irrigation water by using the common thread called sustainability.

Rural Marketing – Challenges and Opportunities

Dinesh Kumar and Punam Gupta, January 2019, SAGE Publications Pvt. Ltd., 536 p., ISBN: 9789386062765

This new textbook discusses how the application of traditional marketing theories transforms when the ‘fourth sector’, or the emergence of social business, comes into play. Drawing from latest research, Rural Marketing: Challenges and Opportunities closely analyses two crucial components of the rural market—marketing to rural areas and empowering the ‘bottom-of-pyramid’ (BoP) markets to create successful business ventures. This book goes beyond discussing just the strategies to sell products to village economies. Infused with numerous real-life case studies of companies that have ventured into the field, this book will prove to be an extremely useful resource in understanding the uniqueness, dynamics and challenges of marketing in rural areas.

Innovating for Rural Markets in India 1st Edition

Dr. Subho Chattopadhyay, May 2016, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 116 p., ISBN-10 : 1533047111

The Indian rural market till long had been thought of as an inaccessible, unsubstantial market with limited purchasing power. This belief has prompted the marketers to blatantly evade the call of the rural markets.

The catch is that a sizeable portion of the rural consumer does not prefer to buy in bulk but have a propensity to buy in small amounts as and when required. This presses on the need for some change in the products, services and packaging and opens up a strong case in favour of innovation for the rural markets. Establishing an intensively wide and deep distribution channel may not always be economically viable and profitable. This presents another scope for innovation for the marketer intending to penetrate into the rural markets. The book attempts to give a brief account of the Indian rural market, explore the possibility of using innovation for penetrating into this market and point to and justify the suitability of some specific types of innovations for the rural market of India.