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Insect Pests of Millets
Systematics, Bionomics, and Management

A. Kalaisekar, P. Padmaja, V. Bhagwat, J.V. Patil, 2017, Academic Press, 204 p.,ISBN: 9780128042434

Insect Pests of Millets: Systematics, Bionomics, and Management focuses on protecting the cultivated cereals that many worldwide populations depend on for food across the semiarid tropics of the world. Providing coverage of all the major cultivated millets, including sorghum, pearlmillet, finger millet, barnyard millet, prosomillet, little millet, kodomillet, and foxtail millet, this comprehensive book on insect pests is the first of its kind that explores systematics, bionomics, distribution, damage, host range, biology, monitoring techniques, and management options, all accompanied by useful illustrations and color plates.

By exploring the novel aspects of Insect-plant relationships, including host signaling orientation, host specialization, pest – host evolutionary relationship, and biogeography of insects and host plants, the book presents the latest ecologically sound and innovative techniques in insect pest management from a general overview of pest management to new biotechnological interventions.

The book includes the most comprehensive and relevant aspects of insect systematics, including synonyms, nomenclatural history, and identification characters to quickly guide readers to desired information; addresses aspects of insect-plant relationships, including host signaling and orientation, host specialization, pest – host evolutionary relationship, and biogeography of insects and host plant and presents the latest research findings related to the ecological, behavioral, and physiological aspects of millet pests.

Millets Nutritional Value and Processing Technology

Chavan, U. D., Patil, J.V., 2016, Daya Publishing House, 332 p., ISBN: 9789351247128, 9351247120

Millets: Nutritional Value and Processing Technology book contains 14 chapters, several food products photographs and health benefits. It also provides extensive information onthe nutritional value, chemical composition, processing and health benefits of these foods.In addition, the anti-nutritional factors present in these foods and ways of reducing their health hazards are discussed. The author has described formulations of various popular foods prepared from sorghum and millets and their nutritional composition and quality. This book gives in-depth information about major/coarse millets and minor millets. Sorghum and millets in human nutrition is intended to provide up-to-date scientific and practical information to scientists, government officials, extension workers, university professors and others interested in these food crops.






Minor Millets in South Asia
Learnings from IFAD-NUS Project in India and Nepal

Bhag Mal, S. Padulosi and S. Bala Ravi, (Eds)., 2010, Bioversity International, Maccarese,Rome, Italy and the M.S. Swaminathan Research Foundation, Chennai, India. 185 p., ISBN: 978-92-9043-863-2

This publication contains valuable information on the outstanding contributions made under the IFAD supported project “Enhancing the Contribution of Nutritious but Neglected Crops to Food Security and to Incomes of the Rural Poor: Asia Component – Nutritious Millets”, both in India and Nepal to advance the sustainable conservation and use of minor millets, including the characterization of their genetic resources, their participatory variety selection, the development of improved agronomic practices, seed production, value addition and product development, capacity building of stakeholder groups and public awareness.This publication will be very useful to all stakeholders engaged in promoting these crops, such as researchers, farmers and community members, entrepreneurs, students, planners and policy makers.