Low External Input Sustainable Agriculture

Seeds of resistance for food sovereignty

Community maps their seasonal food cycle

Food Sovereignty is about building a just world and is about a society free of oppression and inequality. This is the only way forward to secure our right to food in our homes and communities, through defining our own autonomous food and agriculture systems, and thereby resist and dismantle the corporate food and trade regimes. […]

Policy changes on millets: A relook

Many varieties of millets previously grown in the region are not cultivated

Millets are a rich source of nutrition and ideally suited for addressing the issues of hunger and malnutrition. However, government policies directed at providing nutrition in the region may indirectly promote monocultures, resulting in the decline of biodiversity, leading to a different kind of malnutrition. It is therefore important to design strategies that encourage the […]

Balancing the old and the new

Gujjar kids dressed in school uniform

Living in harmony with nature is the surest way for living sustainably. Gujjars, a tribe in the northern parts of India, while holding on to the traditional cultures and systems, have also embraced the new, resulting in sustainable ecosystems and sustainable livelihoods. Standing tall, rigid, composed with Pagh and Tehmad as their costumes, the long […]

Access to seeds builds self-reliance

Shakuntala Devi produced flood resistant seeds using organic methods

Farming and livelihoods of small, marginal and women farmers in flood-prone areas of Uttarakhand are under threat. Lack of flood resistant varieties often pushed them to the brink of food insecurity. To combat this problem, the women farmers of Mehdawal block in Sant Kabirnagar adopted the practice of producing flood resistant seeds, ensuring food security […]


Ramona Duminicioiu at closing of Nyeleni Forum

“Food sovereignty is about peasant rights” Interview: Tomáš Uhnák Ramona Dominicioiu is a member of Eco Ruralis, a peasant association in Romania. In this interview, Ramona explains why the food sovereignty movement is not only about food, and why defending the peasant way of life is in the interest of society as a whole. What is […]

Attaining food sovereignty by building access to local seeds

Biodiversity on display

The process of participatory revival, conservation and replication of traditional landraces is helping farmers from the tribal belt in Maharashtra regain their food sovereignty.  Farmers now have the knowledge on local seeds and access to seeds of their choice. The crop genetic diversity is a key element in sustainability of farmer’s livelihoods particularly in fragile […]

A self reliance path towards food sovereignty

Farmers are back to mixed farming in Kashipur

The tribal farmers of Rayagada and Kalahandi districts in Odisha have promoted biodiversity on their farms and on their plates by adopting agroecological models of food production. They are on the path of self reliance by defining their own food system. The tribal farmers of Rayagada and Kalahandi districts in Odisha face a number of […]

Reviving crop biodiversity, restoring food sovereignty

Kutia Kondh community has a rich knowledge of millets-based mixed farming systems

The indigenous Kutia Kondh community in Odisha has a rich knowledge and experience of millets-based, mixed farming systems. By reviving the community based seed banks and cultural seed festivals, these tribal communities have regained their lost food diversity and sovereignty. Until a couple of decades ago, the indigenous Kutia Kondh community of Kandhamal district in […]

Partnerships promoting digital platforms

Women trying out use of tabs

Over the last few decades massive technological development and new opportunities have transformed people’s lives. However, these opportunities have not benefited the agriculture sector in a significant way. Access to timely and relevant information can benefit all stakeholders in the agriculture ecosystem. Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) will play a key role in knowledge exchange, […]

One man mission – A farmer educator spreads agroecology

Pradeep and Pani panchayat members work together in solving water based issues

Knowledge on agroecology is constantly evolving on the field and farmer plays a key role in co-creation of knowledge as well as its dissemination. Here is a passionate teacher cum farmer who is motivating farmers to practice agroecology, using local platforms like farmer networks. Pradeep Kumar is the Head master of a middle school in […]