Low External Input Sustainable Agriculture

Interview: Elizabeth Peredo

Elizabeth Peredo

”Water is the engine of change” Interview: Henkjan Laats All her working life, Elizabeth Peredo has been engaged in defending human and environmental rights. For ten years until August 2015 she was the director of the Bolivian organisation Fundación Solón that aims to “contribute to people living in harmony with each other in a world of […]

Community drive to revive wells in Sawna macrowatershed

Well lining improved the water yields from the wells. Photo: Authors

Introduction of water harvesting and moisture conservation measures was necessary to rehabilitate the degraded lands in the Sawna macrowatershed area near Udaipur. A community drive to revive wells resulted in water security for longer periods and sustained increase in rural incomes.   Well lining improved the water yields from the wells. Photo: Authors Sawna macrowatershed, […]

Community water resource management: A suitable option for sustainable rural livelihoods

A woman waters her crop. Photo: Chiranjibi Rijal

Farming community in Rajha village in Nepal, through effective management of the scarce water resource and good governance mechanisms, have moved towards building sustainable communities. A woman waters her crop. Photo: Chiranjibi Rijal In Gulmi district in the Western Development Region of Nepal, dry season is as long as eight months. About 90% of total […]

SWAR: A technology to drastically save irrigation water

The first model of the irrigation system was developed during two years of action research. Photo: Centre for Environment Concerns

At the Centre for Environment Concerns, an NGO based in Hyderabad, India, the challenge was clear: develop an inclusive irrigation technology suitable for low rainfall areas. Alongside farmers and female farm labourers, they developed an irrigation technology that provides assured moisture directly to the plant root zone. Initial trials show two unique benefits: it requires […]

The journey from grey to green

A farmer checks his mixed-cropping of black gram, horse gram and chickpea

Development of watershed is an approach to make best use of the rainwater for agricultural production while improving soil conservation and bio-diversity. By harvesting rainwater on the upper and middle slopes, the farmers in Mankadmundi tribal village could bring in an additional area of 63 hectares to grow crops with protective irrigation. A farmer checks […]

From scarcity to abundance -Transformation of Krishna Dehariya village

Stronger local institutions, key for sustainability

By efficient harvesting of water, the communities of Krishna Dehariya village in Madhya Pradesh are not only able to meet the current water requirement of the village but are also prepared to meet future water demands. Strong local institutions helped transform this village into a water secured one, improving their lives and livelihoods. Once called […]