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Nurture plants – Save the planet – December 2019 – Issue 21.4

Rural women raising tree saplings in nurseries

It is being simply forgotten that the well-being of human kind is dependent on the well-being of the plants. Soil health is critical for growing healthy plants. Way too long we have been focusing on soil chemistry and greatly ignored the benefits of caring for soil biology. Indiscriminate use of chemicals has destroyed  life in the soils as well as greatly polluted the air and water sources.  Agroecological approaches are the answer for better use and recycling of resources. We need to value trees deeply and promote them widely – for a healthy environment, resilient livelihoods, favorable microclimate, and as a carbon sequestering measure.  In this issue we have a mix of insightful scientific explanations and people led initiatives. This issue celebrates the year 2020-International Year of Plant health.

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4. Editorial

6. Healthy plant for nutritional environmental sustainability

Pradip Kumar Sarkar, M K Dhakar, Bikash Das, Priya Ranjan Kumar, Sudarshan Maurya, S S Mali, Reshma Shinde, J S Choudhary, S K Naik, Dharamjit Kherwar, Asit Chakrabarti, D K Raghav, A K Singh and B P Bhatt

11. Understanding crop health

T M Thiyagarajan, S Rageshwari, L Ramazeame and C Partheeban

15. Enhancing green cover – The journey of Sankalp Taru

Sankalp Taru Foundation

19. Green Festival for Green India

M N Kulkarni

22. Bio-primed plants – The future of food and nutrition security

Deeparanjan Sarkar, Sonam Singh, Ardith Sankar and Amitava Rakshit

25. No fertilisers, no pesticides – This Karnataka farmer uses only solar energy

28. Farmer’s Diary

29. In the news

32. New Books

33. Sources

34. Growing trees, strengthening livelihoods, protecting environment

Supriya Patil

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