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Water-Lifeline for livelihoods – Sept 2015 – Issue 17.3

LI SEP 2015.p65We are rapidly moving towards water crisis, with increasing and conflicting demands – drinking, agriculture, health, sanitation, construction etc. In India, the issue is seriously compounded with growing populations, multiplying needs and unabated wastages and pollution.
Water if used judiciously can meet the essential needs of the growing population. It is also important to conserve and recycle this scarce resource. Traditionally farming was based on the local agro-ecological situation, taking the rainfall pattern into consideration. While water intensive crops were grown only where there was copious rainfall, drylands focused on hardy crops. Farmers through generations knew that water was a common resource and had knowledge to conserve and nurture the resource. Its time we understand the seriousness of the issue and take note of such water management measures that preserve and protect our ecology. This issue of LEISA India includes a number of such initiatives promoted by individuals, communities and change agents.


The journey from grey to green

Abhijit Mohanty

SWAR A technology to drastically save irrigation water

K S Gopal

Community water resource management

Ganesh Dhakal and Chiranjibi Rijal

Community drive to revive wells in Sawna macrowatershed

Mohan Dangi and Amita Bhaduri

”Water is the engine of change”

Interview: Henkjan Laats

Traditional rainwater harvesting systems get a fresh lease of life

Ravdeep Kaur, Prafulla Behera and Aparna Datta

Harvesting water-the traditional way

G S Unnikrishnan Nair

From water wars to world peace

Rajendra Singh

Improving water use practices for livelihood improvements

Min Bahadur Gurung, Govinda Basnet, Shahriar Wahid and Golam Rasul

Water saving in agriculture in Morena

Amita Bhaduri



Go organic

N R Chandrashekhar

From scarcity to abundance

Ranchitha Kumaran and Sunil Shrivastava